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I know people who have been married for more than a decade and have never had the courage to mention their omorashi fetish to their wife or husband.

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Nina often did this, waited too long to use the toilets.

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She crossed her legs fast to stop any flow.

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That thought and the sound of hearing the shower water splashing relaxed her mind and her muscles subconciously.

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Water sports are nothing new — golden showers and urophagia drinking urinefor example, are well-documented fetishes.

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Nina turned the doorknob and it was locked!

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It felt like her bladder was about to burst; all that water and juice was ready to get out now!

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All the same, we had been married for several years before I felt enough trust to broach the topic of omorashi.

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I met both Amber and Isabel through ordinary means, and the fact they were willing to share the omorashi fetish with me had absolutely nothing to do with online activity.

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The floodgates were let loose and her hot yellow pee just gushed out in relief; she could feel the liquid streaming down her legs and wetting her butt.

This is so embaressing, I can't believe I peed my pants like a little girl again.

At times where she was so engrossed in the show,Nina had to press her hands to her crotch a few times since it felt like hre piss was going to overflow into her cotton panties!

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